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  • Committed to research

    The lead penstock needed materials mainly include the lumber and the binding agent. The lumber uses in manufacturing the penstock, the requirement texture is honest, the structure is thin and is uniform, nature soft or slightly soft, has brittleness slightly.

  • Unremitting efforts

    The application method is quite simple, is the same with the ordinary pencil, after picture good, with the pen which gets wet in above smudges, the color will dissolve. If gets wet directly with the color pencil's pen department the picture.

  • Excellent design team

    brilliance arrangements: According to white, silver, yellow, gold, green, red, blue, purple, black color foreword permutation. In each a series of colors permutates from Ming Daoan.rainbow arrangements: According to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple, black, white, golden, silver color foreword permutation.

  • Customers first Top designer

    Makes a rough draft first, with pencil light making a rough draft. The back water dissolves the color lead color. The approximate chart leaves the wish the effect. Then the back water color writing brush gets wet the color part exaggerates start. Exaggeration time must be careful.

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