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Hangzhou Sakura Thread Co., Ltd has has a number of distribution networks that covers almost all trading network, including online cross-border trade and two subsidiaries. Hongkong sakura thread co., Ltd and Dongguan Sakura Thread Co., Ltd. 

Sakura Thread is a leading company in the field, with following advantages:
1.Great color fastness,
2.Accurate and splendid colors,
3.High tenacity, tactile and tough.
4.Anti- static electricity,
5.Meeting requirements of European eco-friendly standards.

Sakura thread approaches the market with it’s superior quality, thusly gained the popularity among European and American clients. Sakura Thread has registered in more 30 countries. And it has been sold to more than 60 countries and regions.

The company's mission is "Best quality with a fair price, accurate color among all our thread, and very convenient to purchase and get. "

We sincerely welcome our valued customers to discuss orders. We will provide you with the most sincere service - all to your satisfaction. 


1. Great color fastness
2. Accurate and splendid colors
3. High tenacity, tactile and tough
4. Anti- static electricity
5. Meeting requirements of European eco-friendly standards


High Quality Thread

Sakura superb threads add additional texture and details to your design

Competitive Price

Exquisite thread quality with a fair price

Awesome Team

Professional sales offer you efficient solutions to your problem


Customer satisfaction, network extension, a virtuous circle, the return of life.
Customer service, focusing on a return visit, listen carefully, you recognize the mood.
Never speak, we are the best team, the success is not easy, but also redouble our efforts!
Fangyuan Industrial Park , Yuqian Town , Lin'an City, Hangzhou , Zhejiang Province, China
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